The Story Of Functional Art

‘The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection’- each of this word from the legendary Michelangelo stands in a coliseum adorned by those who believe in the essence of enrichment. And art when blended with design creates a new paradigm redefining the elements of beauty and appeal. Over centuries, art stood as the epitome of an individual’s finest creativity with imagination and till recently, it was perceived as a creation that should be admired, respected, worshipped albeit at a distance and not something meant for utilitarian purpose. It is here that Functional Art has come into being where art and utility assimilate with each other and emerge as a piece of design which has the ability to speak for itself. Functional Art comprises of those exquisitely crafted artistic creations which are aesthetic in nature, serve the purpose of utility and yet chosen to reflect a visual delight. Nivrons considers it an esteemed privilege to take the mantle of spreading the presence and beauty of Functional Art & make a difference.


A belief in something strong, a conviction about doing something different, a strong desire to redifine a system, along with a diploma from arts institute of Pittsburgh, an executive management program from IIM Calcutta and a finance background are the roots of inspiration which led to the origin of Nivrons. At the outset, Nivrons is the brainchild of Ms Niveditha formed with an objective to beautify the environment of the elite and furnish a new dimension to their household/ office with enriching and artistic quality. She believes in the value system of trust, innovation, creativity and most importantly enhancement.

The place you reside or work constitutes your life and Ms Niveditha has taken the onus of giving it a unique touch which sets you apart from the rest. Setting the right expectations,nurturing the talent in our country and bringing out the best in them has been her forte.

Nivrons's ground policies involve no animal products, no imported ingredients in its range of products. Every inch of what you see is indigenous and exclusively crafted in India.



To bring you close to the essence of the artist and enable you to view it as an experience rather than objects, please schedule your visit to Nivrons.

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Nivrons believes in offering the right exclusivity and honoring the privacy of its esteemed clientele. In lieu of that, our modus operandi focuses upon a comprehensive approach towards mutual connect and understanding each other in an effective manner. Request your kind selves to provide us with few details which would help us understand your specific requirement and how we can address it. We would also like to endorse the fact that the details provided would be kept strictly confidential. Please submit the below form to proceed further:

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